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Welcome to Homescape Architectural Design and Build
Thoughtful space and design solutions that work with your lifestyle.
We specialise in bespoke homes, self-builds, extensions and renovations for residential clients.

Your home is one of the most important aspects of your life – making a house into a home, which utterly works for your way of life and reflects your unique personality and vision is more than just a design and build exercise….

We recognise this and it’s a philosophy we absolutely buy into. 


James, our founder and chief Architectural Designer, has a unique background that drives this philosophy. He spent his early career working as a film director and special effects designer, where he was continuously called upon to interpret and bring to life other peoples visions, often using 3D modelling and freehand sketching to express them and to aid creative translation to everyone else involved.


We use the same techniques at HomescapeADB and with over 25 years experience working across Design, Management and Building operations we are able to work with our clients to translate and build upon their visions and dreams and ultimately make them a reality. 

New Build house in Putney

  Our Design Services:


  • Site survey

  • Concept development and design drawings by hand

  • 3D visuals and scale models 

  • Scaled architectural plans in CAD 

  • Planning permission applications

  • Building control drawings and applications

  • Part or full project plans

  • As built drawings

  • Internal Design

  • Landscape Design

  Our Building Services :

  • Major Works

    • New Builds

    • Renovations and refurbishments

    • Extensions and internal structural alterations​

    • Loft conversions

    • Basements

  • Small works and individual projects

    • Bathrooms & Kitchens

    • Internal remodelling​​

    • Structural Landscaping 

One of our passions is for incorporating green ideas into homes, making them both beautiful and practical for everyday life... and whatever the scale of your project, we set out to deliver this to an exceptional standard whilst working with the constraints of location and budget.
The home we have just designed and built has earned an 'A' rating for energy efficiency. We created a well insulated and triple glazed home with mechanical ventilation heat recovery, electrical solar for the hot water, rainwater to flush the loos, with LED lights and underfloor heating throughout
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