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Grade 1 Listed House - Tetbury 2021 (current)

We are currently re-working this Grade 1 Listed house in Tetbury, The house needed to have it's layout re-thought to improve its flow, living space and storage. We have revealed parts of the history of the house that had been hidden to enhance the spaces and refocus the rooms, simplifying the materials to declutter the decoration.


The ground floor kitchen areas required new roofs and we re-worked the internal space to bring much needed light into the new kitchen. We also created a smart new cloak room, with a utility space and loo. Underfloor heated stone tiles were laid throughout the ground floor and many of the slopes and steps were removed.  

We have changed the layout on the first an second floors as well removing a paddle staircase and custom building a new staircase into the 3rd bedroom and adding new dormer windows to make the space lighter. This gave us the space to create a larger 2nd bedroom and family bathroom. We re-enforced all the floors and replaced & installed new plumbing, drainage and wiring and some networking through out.

The new master suite has been created by opening up the old attic space adding in a mezzanine floor under the re-enforced roof to which we added roof lights.  We uncovered and made a feature of some of the hidden beams and stone work and created a private raised sleeping area above with a custom crafted staircase over wardrobes and a new en-suite bathroom.

Sample design work

Some samples of our sketching and drafting design work: concept drawings, plans, elevations, sections, details of design drawings, both interior and exterior.

Out-buildings - Tetbury 2021

We were asked to help with the designs required by listed buildings for the planning permission needed to bring new life into these out-buildings which stand in the curtilage of a grade 2 listed cottage.

The history of these out-buildings saw them used as the Latrines by the US Armed Forces as they planned for D-Day (we can't help but wonder who might have sat on the loo?).

Sadly the buildings were no longer fit for storage, let alone use, by the owners. Plans approved, we then set about seeing what could be saved to reuse in the sheds - sadly the very rusty leaky tin roof had to go, as did the frame work as it would not support the new roof, but the doors and the window were saved. The stone wall was repointed and the top remade so you can no longer see into the neighbouring garden.

We feel that the new sheds keep the feel of the originals with the added benefit that the roof doesn't leak. With a sound new wall structure and ground drainage to keep the floors dry the sheds are now fit for the next stage of their lives and will be well loved and have a lot more use by the current owners.

New build house - Putney 2019