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2021 is well and truly Underway.

The year has started with an out building or two.

This saw us get involved with the detailed drawings for the listed planning requirements as these little outbuildings lie in the curtilage of a grade 2 home.

This sign hints at their history.

These unremarkable tin sheds were the latrines for US Armed Forces (three stalls per shed) as they planned D-day, and who knows who sat on the loo... but sad to say they were no longer safe or fit for purpose.

We managed to save the doors and the window to keep for reuse in the new sheds, uncovered six main drainage points in the floor (five that had long been blocked off.the future.

The look and feel of the outside of the new sheds is as it would have been in 1949. Its good to know that the new use for these unassuming little outbuildings (now given a new lease of life) will see them well loved long into the future.

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