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Wow! What happened to 2020...

It was a special Year!

The year started off in Bruton working on a pair of extensions to a stone and brick cottage. The two story addition has the master suite upstairs, consisting of a Bedroom and Bathroom with a hidden entrance in the wardrobes as well as a laundry shoot down into the new utility space below. On the ground floor a new entrance with lobby and hall was created, joining the old part of the house to the new sitting room. On the other side of the house, off the kitchen we created a spacious new sedum roofed garden room for the family to chill in.

Then it was back to Tetbury to carry on with the next phase of works to a Grade 1 listed house, this time working more in the body of the house than in the kitchen utility space. We struggled to get materials during lock down, but managed to struggle through adding dormers to the top bedroom and reworking the layout to the bedroom and bathroom below, bringing better flow and light into the spaces. We continued to uncover hidden features in the house simplifying the materials and refocusing the feel of the spaces.

After that we went to Stroud to build a two story extension to a victorian house, out of reclaimed materials to tie seamlessly into the existing house. It added an additional third to the living space in the house and comprised a new kitchen dinner and an extra bedroom and moved the family bathroom upstairs.

A fun little project to round off the year was being invited back by an old client for whom I had built an extension, to design and build an oak framed stone roofed wood store to make better use of a space in their courtyard where an oil tank once stood.

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